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We are offering children and adults living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) a FREE Medical Alert Card. The card is designed to effectively communicate the condition to medical personnel in emergency situations or routine healthcare settings.

There are two versions of the card available, one for individuals aged 16 and over and one for those under 16. The card is plastic, made to fit in the carrier’s wallet and includes:

  • essential information about EB
  • personal details of the card holder
  • contact details for either the children’s (under 16) or adult (16+) EB clinic in Ireland

How can it help you?

Emergency identification: In emergency situations, medical personnel are alerted to look for important information in a patient’s wallet. The card immediately identifies the person as having EB and provides essential details such as name, date of birth, and emergency contact information. This helps paramedics and medical staff give the appropriate care.

Information about EB: The card gives a brief explanation of EB, helping medical staff to understand the condition and its treatment. This information can be crucial for providing optimal care and avoiding actions that can worsen symptoms, such as skin rubbing or use of adhesives.

Contact information for EB Services: The card includes contact details for either the children’s or adult EB services in Ireland. This allows healthcare providers to seek additional information on EB treatment if required. The EB clinics can offer advice regardless of whether the individual is currently a patient at that clinic.

Facilitating communication with healthcare professionals: Navigating discussions about EB with healthcare providers who are unfamiliar with the condition, can be challenging and lead to unnecessary stress. By presenting the card during appointments, individuals can ensure their voices are heard, creating a better understanding of their needs and treatment of EB.

EB Medical Alert Card For under 16s

EB Medical Alert Card For 16s and over

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the card, please contact a member of the support team at familysupport@debra.ie