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Information and support for healthcare professionals

If you are a healthcare provider and are working with someone with EB, we have useful information for you.

We can also financially contribute towards your professional development, to attend training or for supervision.

Funding opportunities

Financial support for professional development

If you work with people living with EB, we can financially contribute towards your professional development.

We can fully or partially fund a healthcare professional to attend a training event or a conference where it is in relation to EB or where it will contribute to the improvement of an EB service.

Am I eligible for this grant?


You are eligible to receive this grant if:

  • You are working in the field of epidermolysis bullosa
  • You are living in the Republic of Ireland
  • You are not able to access funding from your employer or the government
  • You are attending training or a conference that will benefit the development of EB service

Funding is subject to availability.

Funding for supervision

While working with people with epidermolysis bullosa can be immensely rewarding, seeing someone experience extreme pain and distress can make health and social care providers vulnerable to poor mental health, stress and burnout.

It is important to ensure you have the right self-care strategies, debrief with a colleague or manager and attend regular clinical supervision.

We offer funding or part-funding towards clinical supervision for healthcare and social care workers that work directly with a person living with EB. Clinical supervision offers you a critical reflective space in which you can debrief on your work. It may help you defuse strong or negative feelings, reduce the risk of indirect traumatisation and increase job satisfaction and resilience. This in turn can ensure effective and safe practice when working with patients or clients.

Funding is subject to availability.

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