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Register with us

Our services and support are tailored to your individual needs

Our services are also free and confidential.

If you would like to access our support like visits, calls, emotional support, grants, peer events, and other services in any of the 32 counties, you just need to complete our online registration form below.

Who do we support?

We support people living with all forms of EB

  • EB simplex (EBS)
  • Junctional EB (JEB)
  • Dystrophic EB (DEB) – Recessive and Dominant
  • Kindler syndrome (KEB)


We also support people impacted by EB who:

  • Care for someone living with EB
  • Have lost a loved one to EB and are bereaved by EB
  • Have a family member or partner living with EB

The DEBRA Team are just amazing for everything they do and are truly appreciated from anyone suffering/living with EB as they are our (my family's) main go to when it comes to support.

Register with us

If you would like to avail of our services, you just need to complete the form below.

As part of the registration process, you will also be asked to submit a letter from your EB Clinic/GP confirming the type of EB you or your family member is living with. This is so we can allocate appropriate services.

Once we have received your completed forms, a member of the family support team will be in touch.

If you would prefer a postal copy of the forms or if you have any questions relating to the EB support service, please contact us.