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Trusts and Foundations

Our work would not be possible without the support of funders who share our goals.

At Debra, we work side-by-side with Trusts and Foundations to identify the areas in which they can make the biggest impact, in line with their own mission and aims.

This funding is essential. It gives us the flexibility to direct funding to where it’s needed most, and adapt our work when needed.

Are you part of a Trust or Foundation that would like to work with us? Complete this form and we will get in touch with you.

What Trusts and Foundations can expect when partnering with us

We value and support every Trust and Foundation we work with.

To us, a partnership is more than financial support. It’s about having the same values, mission and principles. It’s about shared learning, respect and support.

If you’re a Trust or Foundation working with us, you can expect the following:

We’ll report back on the impact of your donation

We monitor and evaluate all our projects and programmes. This way you’ll know how your funding is making a difference. We’ll also keep you up to date on our latest research and publications.

We’ll help you tell others about the work we do together

This might include giving you key messaging and information on EB, quotes for a press release, or social media graphics.

We’ll help you raise awareness

This might include giving you materials to share with your staff on EB Awareness Week, Rare Disease Day or other opportunities.

We’ll invite you to exclusive events

At these events you’ll learn more about our work and hear from the people we support.

We’ll value your expertise and insights

We may invite you to roundtables to shape our work and share insights with others in the sector.

Our key working areas


EB support

Our services and support are free, confidential, and tailored to your individual needs. From advocating for services to providing financial support. From meeting face-to-face for emotional and practical support in all 32 counties across Ireland to organising events so you can connect and support each other.


Campaigns and advocacy

No one impacted by EB, should struggle to get the support and services they need. We campaign to change policies that affect people’s lives so no one has to fight alone.


EB Research

We are the largest funder in Ireland of EB research. We have been responsible, through funding pioneering research and working internationally, for establishing much of what is now known about EB. We won't stop until treatments and cures are found.

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