Putting EB foot problems in focus - Debra Ireland

Putting EB foot problems in focus

Thanks to our unstoppable community, we’re currently funding over 10 research projects looking at issues like wound healing, quality of life, gene therapy and pain management. And we also recently published a ground-breaking study looking into footcare and EB – because members of our EB Expert Panel asked us to.

People told us there was nowhere near enough information on footwear and EB. So, we reviewed all existing studies then interviewed people living with the condition.

We heard how tough life can be when walking even a few steps causes painful blisters. We heard how sweating can make blisters worse, particularly when the weather is hotter, and that Botox could help to lower moisture levels. It was also clear from our review of existing studies and our interviews that a lack of knowledge among podiatrists is a big problem. And we found that more research is needed into everything from footwear and pain management to the impact of foot problems on mental health.

As a result of our study, we’ve made recommendations for future research, and we’re approaching other research teams to help move us closer to the solutions we all want to see.

One team – at Maynooth University – is already applying for Irish Research Council funding for a study about developing a medical device for EB footcare, and we’re supporting them with the bid.

To find out more and read the full report, visit debra.ie/eb-research/