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Our annual reports and financial accounts

We’ve come a long way since we were founded in 1988. Every year, we move nearer to closing the gap between what families living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) need and what they receive. Last year was an exceptional year. It was the first year of our new strategy and with the pressure on to break new ground the team delivered on their targets. This only has meaning if it reflects the needs of the families living with EB.

Everyone diagnosed with EB in Ireland must get the best possible support at the right time, every time, with a clear care pathway. Anything less is a failure. And we won’t stop until this happens. All our projects, all our efforts combined will bring significant change. Just like the butterfly effect. That’s what we are all about.

Overview of our latest financial year 2022/2023

The ability to respond to a changing society and the vital needs those impacted by EB is absolutely critical to all of us in Debra.

This report – which describes our first year working towards our new strategy – sets out how we are delivering on our promises.

  • We’ve responded at both, individual and community levels to the suffering, challenge and complexity that those living with EB must confront.
  • From making a home visit to urging the Government to invest in EB care, we’ve used our platform to make sure the voices of those affected by EB are heard.
  • We’ve continued to drive and demand key research into treatments and a cure for EB, striving to bring that much needed hope to people with EB and for generations to come.
  • We’ve listened to the experiences of those impacted by EB. With their guidance we have tailored our services, focused our research priorities and demanded better support for people with EB.

Whatever the future holds, we’ll be ready.

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