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Financial support

Understanding that EB can have a huge financial impact on you and your family, we offer a range of financial supports that you can access, no matter what your financial situation may be.

All our grants are available to residents in the Republic of Ireland and are subject to funding and approval.

Grants you can apply for

Respite and wellness grant (Applications now closed)

Living with EB can sometimes take over and leave little time for you and your well-being. Our annual Respite and Wellness Grant offers each home the opportunity to get that all-important breathing space.

This grant can go towards a holiday, a great day out or any recreational activity that may improve your well-being and your family’s well-being.

Hospitalisation grant

This grant is available to any person with EB who has spent two nights or more in hospital for EB treatment. This grant is also available to parents whose child has been admitted to hospital for EB.

You will receive €100 for any hospital stay of 2 to 7 nights. If you remain in hospital for more than 7 days, you will receive an additional €100 for every week thereafter.

Special circumstances grant

The Special circumstances grants are provided to rectify or address an immediate problem for a family or individual affected by EB following an assessment by a medical professional or our team.

Each application request is dealt with in confidence and may be subject to medical recommendation and the availability of funds.

Psychological support grant

We understand that living with EB can bring significant emotional and social challenges, and that professional counselling can be hugely helpful for some. If you would like to access this type of support, we can provide you with funding to engage in counselling or therapy.

As EB not only affects those diagnosed with the condition, we offer our psychological support grant to all members of the family

Sibling appreciation grant (every two years)

Siblings play a key role in the lives of people with EB and we think it is very important to recognise and thank them for their help, support and care for their sister or brother with EB over the years.

Every two years, we open up our Sibling appreciation grant where any person with EB can nominate their under 18’s sibling to receive a gift voucher from Debra.

Christmas vouchers (applications now closed)

We understand Christmas can be an expensive time of year. That is why we like to offer all our households the option to apply for a One-4-All voucher to help relieve some pressure or to just treat yourself and your family to something nice.

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